[Edexcel][9FM0][A2 Level Further Mathematics][Contents] Year 13 KS 5 Edexcel

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Syllabus Overview

This is the Further Mathematics component at A2 Level. 
Paper 1: Core Pure Mathematics 1 (*Paper code: 9FM0/01)
Paper 2: Core Pure Mathematics 2 (*Paper code: 9FM0/02)
Further Mathematics Optional Papers (*Paper codes: 9FM0/3A-3D, 9FM0/4A-4D)

Students take two options from the following eight:

Option 1 Papers
3A: Further Pure Mathematics 1          
3B: Further Statistics 1                         
3C: Further Mechanics 1                     
3D: Decision Mathematics 1              

Option 2 Papers
4A: Further Pure Mathematics 2
4B: Further Statistics 2
4C: Further Mechanics 2
4D: Decision Mathematics 2
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